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A Social Media Handbook for Small Businesses

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the world of social media and don't know where to start?

  • Are you setting up a new business and want to get cracking with an amazing social media presence?

  • Do you have your channels up and running but don't seem to get the engagement or growth on them?

  • Do you just want to learn more about social media and get some great tips and tricks to really elevate your presence?

In this e-book I'll explain why social media is such a great tool for your business before examining the importance of having a niche and getting your branding spot on. We'll then start thinking about who your ideal client is which will help when thinking about which channels to focus on.

Next, we'll break down the different social media channels before focusing on Instagram and Facebook with lots of tips, tricks and guidance to either get you up and running, or to give your channel an overhaul. I’ll give you my list of the best tools to help with your social media presence and we’ll finish by thinking about content planning and brainstorming so that you can get inspired to get going.

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Here's what people have said about the book so far:

"I have just purchased Daisy’s Social Media Handbook for Small Business and cannot recommend it enough for anyone wanting to promote their business online. I can say with full confidence this is going to be a gamechanger for our business.

Having always felt confident with using social media on a personal scale, branching out to use it for our new business has always been a bit of a minefield for me, especially on Instagram. I have blindly and sporadically created posts just to be ‘present’. However, with just one read of Daisy’s book I can clearly see where I have been going wrong and how to improve.

Daisy is a true font of knowledge and expertise in this area. Her explanations are clear and her guidance easy to follow. I am so excited to now follow her steps and edit my brand portfolio on Social Media and I know that this book will enable me to create appropriate and engaging content and so create a higher reach for our business.

Thank you so much Daisy!"


Social Media Management

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